R&R: Small But Mighty

If you’re familiar with the Financial District, you know that there are several “choice” coffee shops that everyone goes to. This can be kind of frustrating if you’re trying to find a less crowded coffee shop where you can really focus on getting work done.

Fear not, friends. I’ve found a coffee shop in the FiDi that is so tucked away that not many people know it’s there. A major plus: it’s cheap, too!

The Seating

Hanging Tabletop

R&R is not a large coffee shop. It’s actually pretty narrow, but they did a good job of creating the most seating with the space available. They built hanging tabletops along the windows so you can sit on barstools and look out onto Fulton Street! There are small, round tables scattered throughout the rest of the coffee shop, so it’s safe to say there’s not a shortage of seating.

The Coffee

Iced Coffee // Light Ice // Almond Milk

Biiiiiig fan of not only the coffee, but the prices. THE PRICES! My 16oz iced coffee was $3.44. Their coffee is smooth, and it doesn’t have a bitter aftertaste. I got a bagel on the side and it was only $2! Safe to say the quality you get for the price you pay is very, very good.

The Ambiance

The Bar

I am absolutely in love with the atmosphere at R&R. If I’m being totally honest, the music is what made me fall in love. The entire time, they played throwbacks from my middle school days (cue the Victorious soundtrack, The Black Eyed Peas, and Usher for reference). Playlist aside, R&R is well-lit, well-decorated (e.g. fairy lights hanging from the windows), and all around well-done.

I believe I’ve found my go-to coffee shop in the FiDi (apart from Ground Central). Everything about this place – the location, the prices, the music – is absolutely perfect. If you’re ever downtown, swing by R&R – what it lacks in size, it makes up for in every other aspect.

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