Can Movies and Coffee Work Together?

I know what you’re thinking. Movies? And Coffee? That sounds terrible, Corinne. We want icees and popcorn, not bagels and cold brew.

Well, dear reader, I’m here to show you that you can enjoy movies with coffee. I’m teaming up with a blog I LOVE, Mood Movies, to give you the most perfect movie-coffee shop combo that New York City has to offer: Café Lalo and You’ve Got Mail.

Tonight’s Mood Movie: You’ve Got Mail

My good friend Bailey is obsessed with movies. She has a blog that curates lists of categorized movies that each streaming platform offers, as well as tips and tricks for perfect movie nights. My movie pick for this evening, You’ve Got Mail, comes straight out of her New York City Romances post, which you should definitely check out. I found the movie on Amazon Prime Video (it was $3.99 to rent, but totally worth it).

The Location: Café Lalo

The reason Café Lalo and You’ve Got Mail work so well together is that a scene from the movie was actually filmed in the café. I decided to make a trip to the Upper West Side (W 83rd Street) so I could check it out.

The Bar

Café Lalo is a quaint, well-lit coffee shop / café that exudes French countryside charm all throughout. The music is fabulous – if you love The Beatles and The Bee Gees, you’ll fit right in.

The Coffee

I was skeptical at first because cafés are usually known for their food, not their coffee. My skepticism continued when my iced coffee with almond milk was delivered in a milkshake glass. I will say that Café Lalo’s iced coffee is reasonably priced – I paid $3.50 for my drink!

Iced Coffee // Almond Milk

I was pleasantly surprised by the coffee: it wasn’t bitter or weak and actually had a pretty good flavor for being café coffee. I wouldn’t say it was anything extremely special, but I thoroughly enjoyed the drink.

Sticking with the New York theme, I got a lox bagel for dinner. Having good snacks is essential for the perfect movie night, according to Mood Movies.

You’ve Got Mail // Iced Coffee // Lox Bagel

Watching You’ve Got Mail in the same café where it was filmed was kind of surreal. You have moments like this a lot when you live in New York City – you’ll be watching a film created here and you’ll remember walking through the very same streets that you see on screen.

Conclusion: You CAN Watch Movies at Coffee Shops

Yes, you read that correctly. You CAN watch movies at coffee shops. You may feel a little weird kicking back and watching a 2-hour film, but when you’re sitting in the exact spot where they created it, you have every right to do just that.

Also, it’s New York City – people have definitely seen worse.

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