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How to Become a Regular

If you think waaaaay back to the beginning of this blog, I briefly addressed becoming a coffee shop regular on my about me page. That feeling of being greeted by people you only see when you’re caffeine-deprived is really something else.

“The usual?” they’ll ask.

You’ll groggily nod your head, grateful for baristas who get it. As you sip on your nitro cold brew with unsweetened almond milk, they’ll ask you about your day. Maybe they remembered that you had an exam last week. Maybe they’ll wish you good luck on your interview this Thursday.

Whatever it may be, being remembered is a special feeling.

Where to Start?

1. Choose Your Spot

Ground Central (Financial District Location)

In order to become a regular coffee-shop-goer, you must first choose which coffee shop you’ll be frequenting. For this example, I will be using Ground Central Coffee Company (a coffee shop I do visit often).

2. Go There. A Lot.

This doesn’t need explaining. If you’re getting coffee, make an effort to get it at the shop you’re targeting. For a period of time last fall, I would go to Ground Central every day. Bad for my bank account, but great for my reputation as a regular.

3. Order The Same Drink

Iced Coffee // Light Ice // Almond Milk

The one surefire way to get the baristas to know you is to get the same. exact. drink. every. single. time. My go-to at Ground Central is an iced coffee with light ice and almond milk. If I’m craving something sweet, I’ll get an iced vanilla chai latte (The best chai in the city. Guaranteed.).

4. Strike Up A Conversation

You’ll have to do a little more than place an order to make yourself memorable. I know, right? Conversation? Human interaction? Ugh, as if! Clueless references aside, it doesn’t cost much to be nice. Baristas will remember you if you make an effort. I already have friends from school who work at Ground Central, so if they’re working with people I don’t know, it’s that much easier to make connections!

5. Stay Awhile!

The Bar

You don’t have to take your coffee to go all the time. Bring some work, take a seat, and stay awhile. This will make conversation easier, especially if you sit near the bar. I love to do homework at Ground Central because the atmosphere is great, and the baristas are great company when I’ve had a long day.

Now that you know the basics, the rest is up to you! I’d love to hear about places you’re becoming a regular at – leave a comment or get in touch over email or social media!

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