From Brazil to the Big Apple

If you’ve never been to South Street Seaport in the Financial District, let me be the first to say: you’re missing out – big time. Not only does this little East-River-adjacent collection of brick buildings give off some serious beach town vibes, but it transports you to the point where you start to forget that you’re in Manhattan.

As you walk along the cobblestone streets that distinguish Seaport from the surrounding concrete and skyscrapers, you’ll find a doorway so tucked away that it’s easy to miss. Café Patoro, buried between an oyster bar and another little restaurant, is a quaint, Brazilian-inspired coffee shop and café. I have to say, for simply stumbling across this little establishment one Sunday, I was pleasantly surprised.

Café Patoro: Their Claim to Fame

Café Patoro isn’t primarily a coffee shop. They’re known for their pão de queijo, which is “cheese bread” in Portuguese.

Pão de Queijo

These small, baked pieces of bread are extremely popular in Brazil, which is what the founders wanted to perfect when they founded the café. In spite of being known for pão de queijo, Café Patoro does have other pros: the ambiance and THE COFFEE.


The Bar

The entire establishment at Café Patoro is extremely quaint, yet very put together. It’s definitely not a large space, but if you’re lucky enough to get a seat, it’s incredibly enjoyable. The day I visited was sunny, 70° and they had the door open to let in the warm breeze.


The café has dark walls, black and white tile floors, and a huge mirror on the wall that makes the space feel a lot bigger than it is. Every piece of furniture fits together perfectly, with marble countertops contrasting well with the charcoal gray wainscoting that covers the walls.

The Coffee

Cold Brew // Light Ice // Almond Milk

I was impressed with the cold brew at Café Patoro! It wasn’t bitter, but it still packed a punch. The coffee itself was pretty strong, so it was nice to savor rather than drink really fast. Considering the 70° day, an iced drink was a perfect companion for the heat.

If you ever find yourself in South Street Seaport, make a beeline for Café Patoro. It’s probably one of the cutest cafés I’ve seen, AND THERE’S WIFI! You can indulge in a snack AND a coffee with their pão de queijo, which is what put them on the map. 5 Stars for Café Patoro!

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