10 Influencers: Coffee Edition

This post is a little different from what you’re used to… it’s not a review (gasp). Rather, I decided to curate a list of other influencers that are doing what I’m doing, just in case you’re getting tired of me!

Without further ado, in no particular order, here are 10 of my favorite influencers/sites that have important things to say about coffee:

1. @coffeebreakersnyc

Coffee Breakers NYC is run by college students on the quest to find the best coffee shops in New York City. The fun thing is, they make vlogs! Click here to check out their Instagram page – you won’t regret it!

2. @coffeecupsofnyc

Coffee Cups of NYC is run by @bridgetlodiary on Instagram. She travels around New York City photographing coffee cups from different coffee shops!

3. Sher She Goes

Sher is a lifestyle blogger who has written some really comprehensive pieces on coffee in New York City. She really has a way with words, so definitely check her blog out here!

4. NY Eater

Ok, this one isn’t really an influencer, but the website as a whole is a great way to explore New York City from the food/drink side. I’ve linked an article from their website here, which goes into 30 of the best coffee shops in the city.

5. @coffeehuntersnyc

Coffee Hunters NYC is an Instagram account that is posting really similar stuff to Caffeinating the City. All photos on their profile are taken by them, and they show really good insight into coffee shops as workspaces.

6. Girl With The Passport

Girl With The Passport is a travel lifestyle blog that, like the Sher She Goes page, has some great coffee content for New York City. Check out this post to read about her 15 coffee shop faves in NYC.

7. @coffeeregram

Check out @coffee.regram if you’re super into #relatable coffee content. They post funny quotes about life without coffee and have links to buy some pretty cool coffee merch!

8. Secret NYC

If you’re into the hidden gems scene of New York City, this blog is the place for you. Not only has Secret NYC written about coffee shops, they dig into all aspects of New York City that aren’t wildly advertised to the tourist population.

9. Just Coffee Maker

Grant Cardone is the operator of, a blog dedicated to his love of coffee. He’s published some articles specifically on New York City, which you can read about here.

10. Intown Coffee

This blog was started by a group of people who share one common interest: coffee. They do coffee shop reviews, coffee gear reviews, and just make general commentary on the drink that brings so many of us together. They’re based in Atlanta, but they have some really great content. Read from them here!

Now you have some options if you’re looking to see who else is out there in terms of the coffee game! Have fun exploring!

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