My Favorite New York City Coffee Shop: Perk Kafe

Yes, I have been curating a list for YOU that includes the best coffee shops in New York City. You may be thinking, “don’t you have one specific place you love?” The answer, my friend, is hell yeah.

To make this post a little more exciting, I created a video montage of me traveling from my home to my favorite coffee shop on the island of Manhattan: Perk Kafe. Once you watch it, we’ll get into the nitty-gritty of why this place is a home run in every area of our coffee shop criteria.

Now that you see and understand the journey and how willing I am to get on the subway to come here, let’s unpack this Midtown treasure.


Communal Table

I come to Perk whenever I need to get everything done. It’s not a huge space, in fact, it’s probably one of the smaller coffee shops that I’ve visited, but it makes such great use of what it has.

There’s a giant communal table in the middle that can seat 10 people, with hanging bar tops along the windows and smaller circle tables along the walls. For the space available, Perk Kafe really made the most of it.


The Menu

My go-to at Perk Kafe is a small cold brew with light ice and oat milk. Now, there tends to be a large price discrepancy between “iced coffee” and “cold brew” at a lot of coffee shops (and cold brew is always so much more expensive). The prices at Perk are awesome for what you’re getting.

I spend $3.75 on a 16oz cold brew WITH oat milk – there’s no big upcharge for non-dairy milk. So if you’re like me and dairy isn’t your best friend, I’d recommend Perk Kafe for this reason.


The Bar

Yes, I’ve mentioned that I’m a Fixer Upper fan. I will stand by that for as long as I have air in my lungs. That being said, Perk Kafe fulfills all of my HGTV dreams: exposed brick, white hexagon tile, reclaimed wood, Edison bulbs… I could go on and on. 1000/10 for design on this one.

In terms of music, Perk Kafe always has a bangin’ playlist. I appreciate that they play music at a level where you can listen to your own stuff if you want, or vibe to theirs if you’re feeling like it.

In Conclusion…

Perk Kafe, nestled on the corner of E 37th Street and 3rd Ave, is an incredible space. If you want to work on that macroeconomics paper that’s due next Monday that you haven’t started, go here. If you want to show your Hinge date that you’re a local who knows all the cool spots, go here. If you simply want to get out of that shoebox you call an apartment for a little while, GO HERE.

You won’t regret it.

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