Collaborate at Toby’s Estate

I bet you nose exhaled when you read that title. I know, I’m the apex of comedy. Regardless of how cheesy, the words in that title don’t lie. Toby’s Estate Coffee Roasters in the West Village is the perfect place to go if you’ve got a full to-do list. With ample seating and beautiful natural light, I could spend the better part of my Sunday getting work done at Toby’s.

This Week’s Coffee Shop Criteria: Seating

the space itself

Toby’s Estate is located in the heart of the West Village. A block away from the 1 train’s Christopher St – Sheridan Square station, it’s extremely easy to get to. Seated on the corner of 7th Ave S and Charles St, Toby’s boasts huge windows that let in some serious natural light. I happened to go there when it was rainy outside, but even then the space felt extremely light and airy.

The Bar

The whitewashed brick, reclaimed wood beams, metal stools, and pendant lighting were giving me some major Fixer Upper vibes (no, I’m not sorry for the shameless HGTV plug). Needless to say, the space in Toby’s is right up my alley when it comes to design. I could’ve stayed there all day.

the connectivity

I really appreciated the amount of seating that was available in such a small space. Toby’s isn’t huge, so workspace would seem hard to come by. However, they did a really nice job of sprinkling small tables throughout the center of the coffee shop, while creating additional seating at large hanging bar tops along the windows.

Collaborative Space

I would highly recommend coming here if you need to get work done. Whether you’re with other people or by yourself, you’ll find space to settle in and get grinding! P.S. there’s free WiFi, so no more hotspot connecting!

the coffee

I really don’t need to make this introduction anymore – I’m sure most of you guessed that I was going to write “almond milk flat white” somewhere in this paragraph. Repetitiveness aside, I’m going to make a bold statement: this is probably the best flat white I’ve ever had. While small, let me tell you, this baby packed a PUNCH. It was nowhere near watered (or milked) down, and it was so smooth and had so little foam on the top that I felt like I was drinking air.

Almond Milk Flat White

I could really taste the espresso, and I felt considerably more awake even after a few sips than when I’ve had other flat whites. I paid $4.90 for this little guy (again, if you’re team #nodairy, you’re gonna find yourself paying extra), and I would gladly do it all over again. If you’re good with regular milk, it’s actually a cheap drink ($4).

There are so many great things to say about Toby’s Estate Coffee Roasters: the location, the atmosphere, and the freaking coffee, guys. THE COFFEE. I’m honestly at a loss for words here. That being said, If you’re looking to check off the seating box from our Coffee Shop Criteria, you’ve found a winner in Toby’s.


  • Dfotopulos

    This is a rare find. I’ve never been here but with this endorsement, I’m making a bee-line to get there! I can smell the yummy coffee roasting as I write this. Thanks so much for this tip!

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